May 31, 2019
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December 15, 2018

How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight?

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This is a simple but highly accurate scientific calorie calculator, along with 5 evidence-based tips on how to sustainably reduce calorie intake. Enter your details in the calculator below to figure out how many calories you should be eating per day to either maintain or lose weight. The calculator is based on the Mifflin-St.... Read More
December 14, 2018

Why It’s Important to Always Run With a Purpose

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A therapist shares how to make your running experience more mindful and satisfying—so you never have to deal with a another case of burnout. As a therapist and prior running coach, all too often I’ve heard people say, “I don’t really enjoy running, I’m glad when it’s over.” That in and of itself makes it difficult... Read More
December 14, 2018

How to Dominate Your Next Race Despite Scorching Summer Temps

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Casually running in the heat is one thing, while racing for a PR is entirely another. Here’s how to make it through the miles without feeling like death. The Ottawa Marathon, scheduled for late May when the average temperate is usually in the 60s, was almost canceled due to unseasonably high temperatures and humidity.... Read More
December 14, 2018

Yoga For Runners: Why You Should Get Your Om On

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Sunday brunch. You just finished your long run, and your BFF comes to meet you straight from her favorite yoga class. You’re exhausted and ready for a nap, while she looks fresh and is practically glowing. “You should really come to yoga with me sometime,” she says. Your response? “No. I can’t do yoga.... Read More
December 14, 2018

The Worst Foods For Runners

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I once ate an ear of corn the night before a half-marathon. I didn’t think my dinner decision was too tragic—but my body disagreed. I spent every mile of that race dashing from one porta-potty to the next. Needless to say, I haven’t eaten a bite of corn since. (Consider it my ultimate pre-race mistake.)... Read More
December 14, 2018

5 Reasons Women Need to Work Out Their Pecs

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It’s not uncommon to see men spend a ton of their strength training time in the weight room, focused on busting out rep after rep of chest presses, flyes, and every other variation they can think of to make sure they’ve hit every angle of their chest. Compare that to how the average woman... Read More